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Saying Goodbye

Parting phrases

There are different expressions or phrases to say goodbye. These parting phrases depend on situations and the people involved, their social status and personal relationship.

Leaving and saying goodbye

  • All right, everyone, it's time to head off.
  • Anyway, guys I'm going to make a move.
  • Ok, everyone, it's time to leave you.
  • See you later / tomorrow / soon.
  • Talk to you later!

If you want to say goodbye in a hurry

  • I'm so sorry, I've got to rush off / run / hurry!
  • I'm afraid I'm going to have to rush off / run / hurry!

Saying goodbye politely after meeting someone

  • Nice to see you.
  • It's been lovely to see you.
  • It was great to see you.
  • Good to see you.
  • Have a lovely / nice evening.
  • Have a good day.

Saying goodbye to your hosts

  • Thanks very much for dinner/ lunch - it was lovely!
  • Thank you very much for having me.

Other ways to say goodbye

  • Take care
  • Bye!
  • Bye Bye!
  • Later man / bro!
  • Have a good one!
  • It's time to be going!
  • So Long!

Slang Goodbyes

  • Catch you later
  • Peace! / Peace out
  • I'm out!
  • Smell you later

Final goodbye

  • Farewell (when you intend never to see your interlocutor again)

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