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Expressing Prohibition


Expressing prohibition

To express prohibition the following expressions are used.

To express prohibition you can use:

  • It is prohibited to ...
  • You aren’t allowed to ...
  • You mustn’t ...
  • You aren’t permitted to ...
  • It is forbidden to ...


  • Parking is strictly prohibited between these gates.
  • Students aren't allowed to come too late to school.
  • Drivers mustn't park their cars here.
  • It is forbidden to walk on grass.
  • Smoking isn't permitted in hospitals.
  • People aren't permitted to throw rubbish here.


Notice how prohibition is expressed in this dialogue

The security agent:Hey, you. What are you doing here? You aren't allowed to enter this building.
Mr O'Brian:Sorry, but I have an appointment with Dr Leila O'Biran. She's my daughter.
The security agent:Show me your ID card please.
Mr O'Brian:Here you are, sir.
The security agent:Well...That sounds OK. Dr Leila O'Brian is in the 3rd floor. You can take the lift sir.

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