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Expressing Possibility


What is the difference between possibility and probability?

Possibility is when there is a chance that something may happen or be true while probability is the likelihood of something happening or being true:

"Until yesterday, the project was just a possibility, but now it has become a real probability."

It is likely that it will happen.

Expressing Possibility

  • My grandmother may travel alone.
  • May be she will make the trip alone.
  • Perhaps she will visit London.
  • Possibly, she will go by plane.
  • It's possible that someone will meet her at the airport.
  • She might buy some presents for the family before she goes.
  • I suppose she might spend a lot of money on the presents.
  • There's a chance she'll like the city.
  • She will take an umbrella as it could rain heavily there..

Expressing impossibility

  • No, it's impossible to repair that old Chevrolet.
  • Even a good mechanic can't possibly fix it.
  • We may not be able to travel by car.
  • There's no chance my father repairs it tomorrow.

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