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8 Phrasal Verbs for FAMILY in English

 8 Phrasal Verbs for FAMILY in English

Take after

Look or behave like an older relative

In looks he takes after her mother.


Split up

End a marriage relationship

Her parents split up a few months ago.


Grow up

Develop into an adult

grew up in a quiet village on the outskirts of Paris.


Get along with

Have a good, friendly relationship with sb

get along well with my sister and brother.


Look up to

Admire somebody greatly

My father was hard-working man. I really looked up to him.

Look after

Care for or be in charge of somebody

I should be able to look after that for you.


Bring up

To raise a child , to give a child particular beliefs

In my city, grandparents help parents to bring up their children.


Be named after

Be given the name of another person

was named after my grandmother Jane.

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