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+28 Ways to Say NO in English

 +28 Ways to Say NO in English

No way


By no means

I shall not

Not likely

No thanks

Unfortunately not

Not this time

Not for me, thanks

If only I could

I’II need to bow out

No thanks. I have another …

Unfortunately, it’s not a good time.

I’d love to – but can’t.

I wish I could make it work.

My body says yes, but my heart say no.


Maybe another time.

I am not accepting anything else at this time.

We appreciate the offer, but …

I’m not really into it, but thanks for asking!

I’d rather not, thanks.


That’s not going to work for me.

Sounds fun, but I’m not available.

I want to, but I’m unable to.

I just don’t have that to give right now.

I’m not able to commit to that right now.

It is not a good idea for me.

Apologies, but I can’t make it.

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