Effortless English Pronunciation American Accent Training Course - Intro

Do you have bad English pronunciation?

Do you have a strong accent when speaking English? Do others have trouble understanding you? Do you feel foolish or embarrassed whenever you speak English? Do you have problems with specific sounds like the TH, L or vowel sounds? These are problems that are not unique to you. Many fluent English speakers have this same problem. If you want a clear North American accent, understood 100% of the time when you speak, if you want to speak like a native speaker then this course is for you! This Effortless English American Accent training course is different. It is unlike any other course out there. This course uses a special five-step method. Of course, you will learn how to speak correctly but in this course, I train you so that every day you practice making the sounds correctly so that you will speak with a clear accent quickly. You will be trained to automatically use the correct accent. With this special course you receive videos, audios and text for both the videos and audios so you can check the text to be sure you understand 100% every time! 

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